Opening Bottling plant Halve Maan

Innovation & Tradition at de Halve Maan

After having had the pleasure of organizing the opening of the beer pipeline a few years back, we now took over the organization of the opening of the new bottling plant of Brouwerij de Halve Maan.

This unique event was more than just an opening; it was a walk of discovery through the innovative world of Brouwerij de Halve Maan. From the very first moment, guests were immersed in the rich history and craftsmanship of this authentic family business.

The bottling plant, distinguished by its top-notch design and sustainable features, served as the perfect backdrop for a journey through the fascinating world of brewing. All guests had the opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities, highlighting every detail of the production process.

What made this event truly special was the central role played by Brewery de Halve Maan's beers. Each brew told its own story during the visit with, of course, custom catering.

The discovery walk ended on the breathtaking rooftop of the bottling plant, where guests could enjoy a panoramic view. 

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