ICOS in Rotterdam

ICOS in Rotterdam

A 2-day incentive trip to Rotterdam, also known as "Manhattan on the North Sea." This vibrant city, steeped in innovation and design, provided the perfect backdrop for an inspiring trip full of stories and discoveries for Icos participants.

About Rotterdam: Manhattan on the North Sea

Rotterdam is known as the "Manhattan on the North Sea" because of its impressive skyline and modern architecture. This city exudes an atmosphere of progress and innovation, making it an ideal destination for companies striving for innovation and growth.

Program highlights: Discovery and Entertainment

A highlight of our program was an unforgettable bicycle tour through the streets of Rotterdam. Accompanied by experienced guides, participants were able to explore the city in an active and refreshing way. From the historic harbors to the cutting-edge architecture, each turn of the pedals revealed a new facet of Rotterdam's rich history and innovative spirit.

After a day full of discoveries, the trip culminated with a party night at the iconic Kop van Zuid. With the sparkling skyline as a backdrop, participants enjoyed a casual and convivial get-together. The breathtaking view of the Erasmus Bridge and the illuminated buildings provided an atmospheric setting, while the live band ensured a full dance floor.

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