Aji World, Family Day Ajinomoto


As event planners, we are proud to have created an unforgettable day that brought the Ajinomoto family closer together. Step inside the enchanting world of Ajiworld, where fun and connection took center stage.

Our creative touch began in the Ajinomoto parking lot, which we transformed into a vibrant festival site. Under a beaming sun, colleagues and their families enjoyed a wide range of activities specially designed for young and old alike. Our goal was to balance education, entertainment and, of course, delicious food!

For the young explorers among us, we had set up exciting science shows and experiments. Colorful soap bubbles filled the air as children marveled at the magic of science. And if that wasn't enough, they could indulge in crazy haircuts in our play area.

While the kids were having fun, parents and other family members could enjoy a culinary adventure at our street food festival. From exotic flavors to familiar delicacies, our diverse range of dishes ensured that everyone could find something to their taste.

The smiling faces, cheers of excitement and heartwarming moments of connection made this day an unforgettable experience for us. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this special day at Ajinomoto and here's to another edition of Ajiworld !

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