Upfresh Beurs, that's Crisp

Culinary Discoveries at the Upfresh Food Fair at the Brugeoise

Upfresh welcomed its customers to their extraordinary food fair, held in the impressive setting of the Brugeoise, a unique venue steeped in industrial heritage in Bruges.

The fair offered an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking new flavors and culinary discoveries. The historic setting of the Brugeoise added an extra dimension to the experience, giving the combination of gastronomy and heritage an irresistible appeal.

Upfresh's booth exuded innovation, inviting visitors to explore the versatility of delicious products. From fresh, locally sourced ingredients to exquisite dishes, Upfresh was central in revealing the joys of quality food. 

The Brugeoise: Industrial heritage venue for Events in Bruges

Located in Bruges, the Brugeoise serves as a stunning example of industrial heritage that has stood the test of time. Shrouded in the rich history of Bruges, this unique event venue provides the perfect backdrop for your next event.

For trade show organizers, the Brugeoise provides an unparalleled backdrop for presenting their products and services.

For product launches, the Brugeoise provides the perfect canvas to bring new ideas to life.

The venue also offers an unparalleled ambiance for staff parties. Whether it's an informal gathering or a large-scale anniversary, the Brugeoise provides the space and atmosphere to create a celebration that will be long remembered by staff.

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True Upfresh beurs Brugeoise Bruges
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