Daikin Summit in Copenhagen

Daikin summit in Copenhagen, all about sustainability

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For Daikin, we organized an extraordinary summit in Copenhagen with a unique mix of inspiration, insights and innovation.

The Story of Copenhagen: A Source of Inspiration

Why Copenhagen? This city, steeped in history and infused with modernity, served as the perfect backdrop for our summit. Known for its pioneering approach to sustainability and innovation, Copenhagen is a city at the forefront of defining a greener, smarter future. As a city where tradition and progress go hand in hand, Copenhagen provided the ideal canvas for the creative exchange of ideas and the stimulation of new perspectives.

Daikin x Copenhagen: A Synergetic Merging

The partnership between Daikin and Copenhagen reflected the core of our summit. Daikin, a pioneer in climate technology, found the ideal environment in Copenhagen to highlight their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Together, we explored the inspiring opportunities that come from combining Daikin's expertise with Copenhagen's innovative spirit.

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